Author Topic: Updated missing dbf field in lazarus via tdbf and bulldog.  (Read 167 times)


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Updated missing dbf field in lazarus via tdbf and bulldog.
« on: February 24, 2023, 08:19:49 pm »
w am again confused.

updated-updated again

the problem seems to be field persistence in lazarus, even if the dbf file is closed.
when you open it, it uses the persistent fields rather than the actual dbf fields.
if you change the dbf file structure, it shits on you with error messages.

it should update and use the actual field structure from the dbf.dbf
I can not add the field at runtime,
it is in the dbf file and
it is in the fielddefs.

it just does not show in the datagrids,
and I can not reference it.
the field, in the dbf file, and in the fielddefs
does not exist at runtime.

this seems to be a fatal flaw in either the tdbf item, or in lazarus.
sadly there is no one to talk to, and no one to help.

if lazarus started the program,
opened the dbf file,
and loaded the field defs from the file,
and used them, I would have saved 3 or 4 days.

dbase files have always been simple and rock solid.
here they just do not seem to behave well for me.
I have spent hours on something
that would have taken 15 minutes in delphi or dbase or clipper.

do you see the solution? what can I be doing wrong?
how can I fix it?

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