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How to install Castle Game Engine?


The repository contains CastleGameEngine-6.4.0 packages. However, when installing castle-engine-setup-7.0-alpha.snapshot.exe in Lazarus, all add-ons should be installed automatically.
How to properly prepare Lazarus to work with the Castle Game Engine and what should be installed in what order?

CastleGameEngine have a own Forum , where your question is better supported.

The question is, what the CastleGameEngine must have to work with Lazarus. Here is a Forum for Lazarus, not for a external project, which is only using Lazarus/FPC.

Thank you.

Though some CGE developers lurk also here :)


- Download latest Castle Game Engine from , in any form (on Windows, self-extracting exe is most comfortable). It's a 7.0-alpha-snapshot release, we're working intensively on 7.0 release.  Do not use anything from the Internet related to ancient 6.4 release :)

- Follow the manual on .

In particular, to make Lazarus know CGE packages, be sure to do this:

In Castle Game Engine editor Preferences, go to tab FPC and Lazarus and click on the button "Register Lazarus Packages".

Note that you do not strictly need Lazarus integration -- you can build from CGE editor, that executes FPC directly, and doesn't care about Lazarus packages.

But if you want to open a CGE project in Lazarus and press F9 e.g. to use Lazarus debugger on CGE projects, then above ("Register Lazarus Packages") is exactly what you need.

If you're looking to put TCastleControl on LCL form, then also look at .

Hope this helps!

Thank you!


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