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Tmemoand selected text formatting


I have been absent for a while due to an accident that I had,but slowly working my way back to coding again,
anyway I have been playing around with a text editor ,just plain text,I use a mult itab interface and I have been tryng to find resources to show how to use the replace dialog as a find replace dialog ,but very little clear simple examples for a tmemo,also is there a way to format selected text in a tmemo or is that a richmemo only.
Thank for any help

Memo is very simple and have no formatting of text pieces. So, RichMemo (or similar components) will be the choice if you want to deal with formatting text.

For editors the simplest way to go is using the TSynEdit family of components. Richmemo would be "challenging"...(but possible)
There is also a fork of synedit by one of our forum members that is even more powerful.
With synedit you can write an editor in hours, not weeks.

However, note that the Lazarus synedit, while a powerful and well-maintained component, is oriented towards program code display, which means use of fixed-pitch fonts only.
If you try to use variable-pitch fonts with the Lazarus synedit you may get unpredictable results.


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