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LCL for arm (STM32MP1)

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Fred vS:

--- Quote from: Thaddy on February 02, 2023, 07:29:31 pm ---Fred, sorry, but that is nonsense. Wayland supports GTK2 - btw has nothing to do with it, nothing and I can prove that at least for for the Raspbian implementation.

--- End quote ---

GTK2 is a widgetset, (like MSEgui  ;) ) that uses a graphic window server, like X11 in some Unix distro, for rendering.
Afaik, GTK2 cannot use Wayland graphic compositor and so, thanks to XWayland project, mainly all applications using X11 can run with the XWayland-kind-of-X11-emulator installed on some Wayland distros.

So, ( I did not check ) it is highly possible that Raspbian-Wayland distro has XWayland installed.
[EDIT] Yes, htere is one Rpi OS-Wayland version but experimental :


--- Quote from: DonAlfredo on February 02, 2023, 04:59:47 pm ---That is good news.
If you are willing, would you be able to share libs and bins with me to include them into fpcupdeluxe ?

--- End quote ---

I think adding the libs as binary could be problematic right? (thinking about different versions issues/incompatibilities).

I can either give you the exact build procedure (quite costly in CPU / time)
or the libs/bins if you give me the exact list them that you would need: I copied them as they were needed, so the list is probably not exhaustive. Copying all the .so of the OS is probably an overkill. Let me know and I would share them.

To Others:
Note: It might be that Gtk2 or even Qt5 works fine for wayland and LCL. My problem has some additional variables: ARM cross-compilation.

My topic previously created may help you:,57876.msg430794.html#msg430794


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