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Component to sdf file - Microsoft SQL Server database

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--- Quote from: Mi-Ki on January 30, 2023, 05:07:14 pm ---Can't Lazarus use for this file?   :(

--- End quote ---
I tried to set up a connection with MSSQLConnection but failed due to a missing dll. But wait a bit, I am not an expert with MSSQL, maybe somebody else knows a solution.


Which one?

Note the microsoft version is deprecated for 10 years....

Thaddy - I know, but we have the software that uses it.
They need to add data.

This here site lists 4 free tools to view and even edit MS SQL Server CE *.sdf files. Since it dates from 2017 these might still be available.

Better to convert the lot to sqlite, ahum, maybe firebird, or standard database format.
In that case your bought library should help over an e.g. odbc connection and on a microsoft system.


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