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Component to sdf file - Microsoft SQL Server database

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I can't do much in lazarus.
Can you help me please?

I've bought a piece of software that stores its database in an .sdf file
How to open a Lazarus database?

Need to open a database and load a table VAZENI

Here's the database **://
Thank you very much.

There is a TSDFDataset. Go to "Package" > "Install/uninstall packages" and make sure that package SDFLaz is installed.

Cannot download your database file. Why don't you zip it and attach it to your post? (If it's too large remove some lines - sdf is a text file).

I'm sorry.
I almost deleted everything and has more tha 500 KB.

No - this not the kind of SDF file that I mean since it is not a text file - forget my previous post. Which application did you use to write this file?

**s:// - Microsoft SQL Server Compact?

I bought the software that it stores in this file.
I opened the database in SDF Viewer 1.13.

Can't Lazarus use for this file?   :(


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