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DBCheckbox show some text in backcgroung


I Don't know why i put a DBCheckbox on form and set up properties of field and and Database , but when form is showing  you can see some text behind of real text on displaying , just put mouse pointer over and text gone and show me  the text of checkbox clear..... i checked if some thing hint  is clear, you can see on attach image...

Some ide whats going on thanks...

Which OS and which widgetset is this? Which Lazarus and FPC versions?

What is the parent of the DBCheckbox? A panel? Maybe you see its Caption which you did not reset?

Do you use a "stacked layout"? I mean: do you have several controls which are overlapping on the same location and you show only the one that you want to see? I strongly advise against this technique - way to complicated and error-prone...

Provide a sample project so that everybody can reproduce the issue.

WIndows and lazarus 2.2.4

Well is only a panel but could be the others tabs affected  you know other tabs each tab has controls there ...

Thanks for your help...


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