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Re: Want to see something funny?
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In my experience OC DelGuy, when working with open source, community supported software, you sometimes just have to accept the state of the code, find your own work-arounds and make your own compromises and adjustments.  It can be frustrating but there are three ways, I think, to cope with that frustration: 1) anti up for a commercial program supported by a full-time staff (see "embarcadero" -- expensive, although even that solution can be frustrating!) 2) stay the course until your experience and self-education equip you to make your own constructive recommendations to "fix" problems (although remember that fixing your problem may create new problems for others -- something that community maintainers and developers guard vigorously against so we don't have to) or 3) scroll up to the top of the page here and click the applicable "Donate" button (you'll feel better about ranting about what you see as shortcomings :).

Not trying to be sanctimonious here.  Adobe recently "fixed" a user's problem in Photoshop, only to discover that the fix "broke" a feature of their software for a few thousand other users who were not real happy...  It's an effect that most of us don't worry much about as we work on our own problems.   


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