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creating openGL context in a unit whithout modifying the main program source

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I wanna open an openGL context in a separate unit and leave my main program source like this:

uses myUnit;
 until keypress;

the whole jni stuff with the mainactivity called from java should be in the myUnit.

is this possible?

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Which in practice would boil down to: (same as my other link in the other thread but with a sexy layout  :) )

I found this:

this is exactly what I'm trying to do in pascal.

they have a magic entry point:
 void android_main(struct android_app* state)

Is it possible to convert this entry point to freepascal?

If not mistaken then:

tells that there is some glue.... I have a suspicion that this "glue" is jsut some wrapper function(s) inside a library (but you really would have to take a look at it yourself).

In principle: if it can be done in any other language it can be done with Pascal/FPC.

edit: 2 searches later:


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