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I've changed "-g" to "-gl" here and performed a make clean/make for the compiler and the RTL.

make CROSSOPT="-O2 -gl" CPU_TARGET=jvm OS_TARGET=java INSTALL_PREFIX=C:\jac\system\Windows\Programming\Repositories\fpc\out all crossinstall

Unfortunately, the output is still as before, with no source or line numbers :-(

Is there something else I have to do, maybe? The RTL is built like this

export FPC_FOLDER="$PATH:/cygdrive/c/jac/system/Windows/Programming/Repositories/fpc"
export PATH="$PATH:$FPC_FOLDER/compiler:$FPC_FOLDER/build"
export CPU_TARGET=jvm
pushd rtl/java
I found I can avoid the dump by using an explicit "set of byte" in the following form.

  UnsignedOrdinalTypes: set of byte = [BYTETOK, WORDTOK, CARDINALTOK];
  SignedOrdinalTypes: set of byte = [SHORTINTTOK, SMALLINTTOK, INTEGERTOK];

  IntegerTypes: set of byte      = UnsignedOrdinalTypes + SignedOrdinalTypes;
  OrdinalTypes: set of byte      = IntegerTypes + [CHARTOK, BOOLEANTOK, ENUMTOK];

I get further but now it fails in the lines using "+" as union operator with

Common.pas(218,73) Error: Illegal expression
Common.pas(219,77) Error: Illegal expression
Common.pas(223,63) Error: Illegal expression
Common.pas(639,1) Fatal: There were 3 errors compiling module, stopping


--- Quote from: on September 16, 2023, 11:42:35 pm ---Unfortunately, the output is still as before, with no source or line numbers :-(

--- End quote ---
pass it on OPT, not CROSSOPT. OPT is used for building the cross compiler, CROSSOPT is used by the cross compiler for the stuffs it builds. Notice the difference?
Thanks, that's point to the right thing now!

Common.pas(193,57) Error: Compilation raised exception internally
Fatal: Compilation aborted

An unhandled exception occurred at $00456C06:
EAccessViolation: Access violation
  $00456C06  TDEFAWARESYMTABLESTACK__PUSH,  line 1914 of symdef.pas
  $00531C2B  CONSTS_DEC,  line 273 of pdecl.pas
  $00531A87  CONST_DEC,  line 217 of pdecl.pas
  $0043ADE4  COMPILE,  line 403 of parser.pas
  $004F9D2E  TPPUMODULE__LOADPPU,  line 2291 of fppu.pas
  $0057F443  LOADUNITS,  line 568 of pmodules.pas
  $005825C1  PROC_PROGRAM,  line 2214 of pmodules.pas
  $0043AE31  COMPILE,  line 411 of parser.pas
  $004173F3  COMPILE,  line 291 of compiler.pas


{$ifdef jvm}
                       { for the JVM target, some constants need to be
                         initialized at run time (enums, sets) -> create fake
                         typed const to do so (at least if they are visible
                         outside this routine, since we won't directly access
                         these symbols in the generated code) }
                       if (<normal_function_level) and
                          assigned(tconstsym(sym).constdef) and
                          (tconstsym(sym).constdef.typ in [enumdef,setdef]) then
273:                        jvm_add_typed_const_initializer(tconstsym(sym)); 

you should highlight this instead:

--- Quote from: on September 17, 2023, 11:16:53 am ---  $00456C06  TDEFAWARESYMTABLESTACK__PUSH,  line 1914 of symdef.pas

--- End quote ---
probably the TDefAwareSymTableStack instance is nil.


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