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New VirtualTreeView for Lazarus

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El Salvador:
Good morning everyone,

I have been working on the VirtualTreeview component for a few weeks now. Since it has not been maintained for several years (apart from the Lazarus team with some fixes and new code, see multiresolution of imagelists), I decided to try to update this component with code from the delphi version.

First, I started from the excellent work of Luiz Américo Pereira Câmara ( I split the virtualtrees.pas unit into several files, similar to the original repo ( and merge the changes between the two versions.

Right now, most of the "new" code has been ported to the Lazarus port and I am slowly trying to test and fix bugs.

For now it remains just an experiment, although I would like to get to a stable and usable version. I'll leave you the link to the repo if you want to give me a hand or even take a look:

Thank you all!

El Salvador:
Is anyone interested in trying this version on GNU/Linux operating systems too, in order to find bugs to fix? Thanks!

Are you in sync with master or V7_stable from JAM-Software ?

El Salvador:
Sync with master branch.

First i found (win10/64 with win32 fpc & Lazarus), in the package there is a missing file (..\..\ideicons.lrs). It is only a remark, the package can be compiled.

I think it will be a good idea to write unittests for the new VTV Version. ANd this tests can be run on the other versions too. So it is possible to see if some problem happen.


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