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--- Quote from: Handoko on January 23, 2023, 12:56:33 pm ---I am not a BASIC user.
Am I allowed to hang out in their community? Forum? or IRC channel?
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Yes. Yes. NO! :)


--- Quote from: 440bx on January 23, 2023, 02:32:35 pm ---I have never been interested in a "chat" like experience for Pascal (or any technical subject) but, after reading everything you've said about it, I'm even less inclined to even have a look, much less participate.
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--- Quote --- As far as the IRC channel for FPC (and/or Pascal), I have to say that you bring up the subject a bit too often for my taste.  This forum isn't about IRC.

It is quite likely the case that very few of the forum participants here have the information necessary to have a well founded opinion on the situation you described about harassment by a troll and ban evasion.    Your bringing this stuff up here isn't going to solve that problem (if it exists at all.)
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I’m not the one who started this flame thread. Preventing a known troll from being in an irc channel has been used as a pretext to disrupt the forum. If more people in forums used irc Maybe they wouldn’t be so easily duped by these ridiculous accusations.


Before this does get into "flames" (I do not consider it the case yet, but potential is building up), I decided to lock the thread.
Also more recent messages have added little or no new value.

Thanks everyone for their contribution.


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