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searching for 2 options


Lazarus 2.2.4

I cannot find 2 configuration options, I hope, they exist:

In 2.2.2 I could hit "all components" write "Label", select e.g. TLabel. A window opens and there I could fill in the name and the caption of the label.

Such a window does not open any more. What can I do to see it?

There are quite a bundle of jump icons. Jump to implementation, to interface.... I tried them all.
What I could not find as direct jump is something like this:
"jump to the word begin of a clicked method"

1): hit ctrl-alt-p


--- Quote from: marcov on January 16, 2023, 05:29:19 pm ---1): hit ctrl-alt-p

--- End quote ---

And 2nd part of first question: IDE Options/Environment/Form Editor/Ask name on create

2) IDE Options/Codetools/General/Jump directly to method body

thank you!


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