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New install of laz and fpc problem(Closed)

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Bart, you are most likely older than I however, you are much faster than I!  :o

Her are two forms under options.

They are a little bit out of date 2011 so it's hard to tell if I'm setup correctly. Have to assume it is.

ok If I go to another project the debugger is working. It just in this one project it isn't.
The project options are setup the same.

Don't understand this. Maybe start a new project and see if it works in the new project.

Maybe you are using a mode for that project that does not involve the debugger ?


Will show you the debugger settings for this project and this mode. Normally, you would turn all the debugging things off for a release mode.  To use the debugger, as a bare minimum, you would have "generate info for debugger..." and, iMHO, Heaptrc ticked.


Thanks All.

I couldn't get it to work so I copied out the pas file, deleted the project and started an new project. The debugger worked in the new project.


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