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How to install Lazarus packages from CLI, or: do I need Lazarus?

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Hi. I need to build a small CLI application that reads an Excel file, changes something, and writes it back to disk.

I was going to use FreePascal and FP Spreadsheet (

But there it says that to install it, I need to do it using Lazarus's Package Manager. Is there an alternative way to install this unit (and its dependencies) from the command line?

Otherwise I would be installing the full IDE just for that. I only need the Pascal compiler.


yes, most likely. It's graphic.

it's no big deal, really.

Better ask wp.
Change your subjectline (first post) to include the word "fpspreadsheet" and he'll read this thread.


FPSpreadsheet is just an example. I already solved it, I downloaded and compiled it (in about 1/2 second, this compiler is FAST), and fortunately it didn't have any external dependency.

My question is more general.

C# has nuget, Nim has nimble, Haskell has cargo, D has dub, Ruby has gem, Lisp has quicklisp...

What's Free Pascal's command line package manager?

I found something called fppkg, but almost all its packages are already in the distribution, so it isn't very useful. FPSpreadsheet wasn't there.

Joost (I think) is working on such a thing for fpc: fppkg.
Not sure wether this will be used by Lazarus.
ATM all packages are statically linked into the IDE.



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