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How to change Page control and combobox color ?

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for example: Page control border color .
I am trying to create a simple component but I'm not sure use class(TCustomControl) or  class(Tcombobox) :'(

I am afraid - not at all.
My workaround are small images. You may add them to the tabs.

Just grab some 16 x 16 icons, add them to an TImageList.
This ImageList you link to the TPageControl.
After this you can select your images from within the Tabsheets.

Is quite nice, I got used to it.

Or you use one of the components around, which allow it. - I did not like one of them and forgot their names.

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As hinted by Joanna (by-product in one of the moderated IRC posts), it may be possible with "OwnerDrawn". However, no details have been posted on this.


TPageControl is based on TWinControl.

TWinControl owns no Canvas.

So you have to add a Canvas.



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