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How to setup Lazarus for Windows ARM64?

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I'd like to compile ARM64 Apps for my Surface Pro X to run them natively. Is ARM64 support now part of Lazarus? If not, what would I need to do, to set it up to make it work?

Hmm, easy ones first hey ?

Your question really should be about the Compiler, FPC, if you could get that running on your machine, you could probably build Lazarus from source.  But it does not, to me, seem that there is a FPC for Win-Arm, closest is wince, its windows and Arm but not, I suspect as you want it.

Not sure if there would be any cross compile option ....


For Arm64 or Better AARCH64 there is at least Linux and IOS. Maybe WINCE64 would work on surface.
I can't find anything about AARCH64-win64 yet.

Is there a 64bit winCE ?

"- Wince-ARM (cross compiled from win32-i386)"

seems to indicate its 32bit, I had a WinCE little hand held thingo back in the year 2000, I assumed it was based on Win98 or so. I assume Surface must be 64bit.

What surprised me is no one asked for this before now .....


wince64 used to work. It was the basis for KOL64. Don't use it anymore, but has been working for over 4 years.


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