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the "connected=true", - do you use IBX?

This can be a little bit tricky when to set and how. I tried a lot and more options and combinations than I can list here.

In my case it was just a case of sooner or later and design time or runtime.


--- Quote from: calm_sea on January 21, 2023, 06:07:47 pm ---Thank you! Now the compiled exe works! But it still doesn't work if I want to set connected=true in the inspector of the Lazarus ide (I removed the Firebird server to make sure I was only using embedded). Anyway I can reinstall the server now

--- End quote ---
You can't use embedded directly in the IDE.
For that you would also need to copy all the embedded files to the lazarus.exe directory.
(don't do that  :P).

Embedded only works with the dll in the exe directory and when setting connected to true in the IDE it's effectively the IDE which makes the connection (not your .exe).

So if you are using Firebird in the IDE and in your program you are better off installing the server and test your program in Windows sandbox with only embedded files once its done. And during development you use your local server (you can still leave the hostname empty).

ok, now everything is clear. thanks a lot to all of you


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