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Please help with the CH341DLL

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Dear All,
I am new in the pascal and i would like to guide me how to include the ch341dll into my program.
Until know i found from the Chinese manufacture some examples which have in pascal and i use it but when i start to execute the program the lazarus show's me a message that the execution has been stopped without any other information.
I am attaching the zip file which provide the manufacture which contains the pascal examples and my code.
Thank you in advance for your time.
Best regard to all.

What OS?


I am using windows 10.

I think this will be this device USB Bridge Controller CH341 so an additive question is, what is behind the Bridge ?

Basically, if set up as a serial device it will- subject to having the right device driver installed- behave like a standard serial device on Windows and Linux.

It's also possible to set it up as a parallel device (printer or GPIO), see e.g.

Anything more than that will depend (as af0815 says) on understanding the protocol required by whatever it's attached to. As an example, it's used in a popular range of desktop signal generator.



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