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Happy New Year 2023 everyone

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Just  for the record, I consider the people responsible for invading Ukraine to reside in Russia and lead from the Kremlin. 

All it takes to stop the war in Ukraine is a few words from Vladimir Putin.  He is responsible for starting it and responsible for continuing it, therefore he is responsible for the death of thousands of Russian soldiers as well as Ukrainian soldiers and civilians which makes him a _murderer_ .  NO ONE else is as remotely close as responsible for that war as he is.

The New Year he _deserves_ is the one _he_ is responsible for giving the families of fallen soldiers and civilians on both sides of the conflict.  He deserves it because he _earned_ it and earns it time and again every single day.

The USA, CIA, NSA, etc, etc all have their faults, plenty of them, no doubt about that but, they are not the ones that started (or caused) the war in Ukraine.

Happy New Year !!

This has certainly turned into an interesting thread. After studying what is happening for about a year now, I suspect collusion between parties who are supposed enemies. There is no other logical explanation.

To all a peaceful new year. especially to Russians, Ukrainians, Jews and Palestinians and all those where the mighty of the world are fighting for influence..


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