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Lazarus android we can build production ready product
Can we upload on Google Play Store apk
Is there any app on Google Play Store

Yes, follow these steps:
Will cost you a few $$, but cheaper than Apple.

And yes, there are several apps in the play store written in Freepascal, mostly using Lamw.
(some are announced on this forum)

Please share the app which is developed in Lazarus.
I would like to see the functionalities and smoothies

Well, as I wrote, there are much more than one. Search the forum.
You seem to bit lazy.

An example from me;
It's an app that I wrote entirely in Lazarus with the LAMW module (an obsolete CAD app) and published it on the play store (apprenticeship work)

I have yet to release a more advanced app that I wrote with Android Studio + Lazarus. (journeyman's work)


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