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[Solved] Can't find unit opensslsockets.

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Yeah I am absolute no professional in belonging to deal with FPC/Lazarus when something bad happen, not matter if on my own faults (99% of the time) or somebody else fault (the missing 1%) but that error message was just so ridiculous and driving me crazy at same time, because I was not watching from what path something is taken, I just read "loading unit opensslsockets.ppu, unit opensslsockets can not find unit opensslsockets.pp" = w.t.f.  :o

After re-install I found out that it should have been enough to delete that problematic line out of one of the configuration files (a package configuration file I guess)

Anyway, I am glad that informations helped to isolate and fix that nasty error, thank you GetMem  :-*
(I wonder if the rebuild IDE process is able to log package installations and when a package fail, to mark it temp as bad to investigate things but letting IDE compile or Roll-back to *.bak.exe version)


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