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Arch trying to install FPC from source



im currently trying to install FPC on Arch from source (git).

* Installed git + fpc (pacman)
* Cloned from
* In source, i first run fpcmake once, then make install, also tried something like "sudo make install OS_TARGET=linux CPU_TARGET=x86_64 INSTALL_PREFIX=dtpfl

No errors.
But in this case generated folders like dtpfl/bin and dtpfl/lib in are all empty.

Am i missing something?

Thanks! :)

You don't need to run fpcmake.

And the usual approach is:

--- Code: ---make all -j <N>
make install INSTALL_PREFIX=/absolute/path/to/target -j <N>
--- End code ---

(where <N> is the number of processors cores)

You don't need to specify OS_TARGET and CPU_TARGET if your desired targets match the ones of your bootstrap compiler.


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