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libqt6pas on Windows

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El Salvador:
Hi @zeljko,

I'm trying to build libqt6pas on Windows (, but I have this error:

--- Quote ---src/qabstracteventdispatcher_c.cpp:97:61: error: 'class QAbstractEventDispatcher' has no member named 'registerEventNotifier'; did you mean 'registerSocketNotifier'?
   97 |         return (bool) ((QAbstractEventDispatcher *)handle)->registerEventNotifier((QWinEventNotifier*)notifier);

--- End quote ---
Indeed it seems that that method is not there in Am I missing something? Gitlab CI build libqt6pas on windows?

hm...registerEventNotifier() is not mentioned in obsoleted functions, it seem that they removed it in Qt6 without notice.
Just comment QAbstractEventDispatcher_registerEventNotifier and QAbstractEventDispatcher_unRegisterEventNotifier in qabstracteventdispatcher_c.cpp and qabstracteventdispatcher_c.h. I haven't tried build Qt6Pas.dll for windows yet, so pls if you spot any other errors beside this just let me know. If it builds w/o problems, I'll comment those routines and commit.

El Salvador:
I also had to comment out QPrinter_setWinPageSize and QPrinter_winPageSize to compile correctly on Windows. Now I'll try compiling Lazarus qt6 on windows and I'll let you know if everything is ok. Thanks a lot in the meantime.

Thanks :)

Any news ?


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