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I use Lazarus 2.2.4 with fpc 3.2.2, and I installed anchordocking and anchordockingDsgn; as in the photo I don't scroll on bottom design form whereas before a scrollbar  appeared and the mouse wheel worked; all this has been since i unplugged a monitor and now i only use the laptop screen; is there a way to reset the ide?

 Thanks in advance.

Are you using "sparta" or "DockedFormEditor" ?

The sparta* packages are not really maintained....


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on December 16, 2022, 06:43:45 pm ---Are you using "DockedFormEditor" ?
--- End quote ---
I just assume yes and show my setting.
First image that I got scrollbars, next my DockedForm settings.


on the workstation job with 3 screens I moved the tab with the problem to the central screen and voilĂ , as in the photo, the scrollbar and the resolution are ok; moved this screen to your laptop screen and closed Lazarus when you reopen the scrollbars are displayed correctly;
so in order not to run into the error I must always close Lazarus in the laptop monitor otherwise it seems that it carries with it the configuration of the last screen on which it is open, thus not refreshing the resolutions correctly: is this anomalous behavior for you? for me it is.

Thanks in advance.

Do the  screens have different PPI (scale) settings?

If so, rephrasing you last statement:
The scrollbars are missing when you move the designer from one screen to another screen, and the other screen has different ppi scaling?

That would be a bug.
(I can't test it myself / I don't use docking at all)


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