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(SOLVED) jListView image question

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Hi all, I'm experimenting with the jListView object. And in addition to the text I would like to put an image on each line, I found a way to do this, but it allows me to put the same image on all lines. But I want to change the image based on criteria at runtime. To understand it, it would be enough for me to see that on even lines it puts an image and on odd lines it puts another image.
Can you help me? I enclose a very small project to show where I have arrived.

Please refer demo example  ,

What demonstrative example? They are innumerable

You can  see demo exm at lamw_manager>LAMW>lazandroidmodulewizard>demos>GAI >AppListViewDemo
About 7 demo you can refer which are helpful

but I watched them. I just didn't understand how to set different images for each row of the listview


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