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Main menu flickers badly in IDE and apps generated by it.

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Well I do vaguely recall that a similar report had been around ages ago. Not sure what the outcome was, i.e. if it ever was even reproduced.

I take it, it must be pretty noticeable the way you describe it?
And then given that the IDE itself has a main menu, anyone (on Win) who ever moved the IDE-main-bar should have noticed it?
So I would guess there must be more to what causes it.

Sofar, I know "Windows" as you mention that.

Which version of Windows, bitness?
Potentially some interaction between LCL and Graphics card or driver - or even monitor?

You have carefully tried with various other apps, and none had the issue (sorry for asking, but I don't always take the obvious for granted)?

Define "move"
- So does the speed of moving has an impact?
- You said left / right / what about up down?
- What about moving with the keyboard? Alt-space to open the "app-icon menu", select move, and use cursor keys.

Define "flicker"
- I guess some form of quick switching between 2 or more visual states.
- Does it affect text (only menu, or also labels, toolbars, buttons...?)
  Does it affect icons?
  Does it affect frame/edges
- Do they disappear and then are redrawn
- Do they change color, thickness(boldness), or relative location?

So I did a test myself. And the below applies to the "ide main bar" and in the exact same way to "notepad" (the one that comes with Windows) and Firefox. It also happens to some text content, but not all text in the windows (depending in what kind of control the text was / or maybe font used....) Only app I could not notice it was the windows file explorer.
=> so this observation is not an LCL issue, but something in Windows or my setup.

If I move very slowly the text in the window title-bar and in (to lesser extend) the menu-titles seem to briefly flash bold and return to normal.
Though only noticeable, if I look really hard for it.

Well to be exact, that happens on 2 out of 4 of my screens. It does not happen on the other ones. (at least one screen that it happens and that it doesn't share the same gfx card).

Noteworthy, both of the monitors on which it happens are old (like a decade old).... No idea if that is significant.

Just before posting, if the IDE main bar is split across 2 screens that have different ppi scaling, and also at the same time (due to different height of the screens) vertically partly cut off on one of the screens, then I could observe a real bad flicker in the part of the IDE bar on the other screen.

And this I have not reproduced with other apps (yet).

Its windows 10 Proc,32/64-bit Home etc.  does not matter on the bit-ness.
This has been going on since I can remember.

The Menu items on the bar are getting redrawn. I can see where the area is getting erased and menu items text redrawn.

 I find it hard to believe that nobody in the community has never noticed this.

  In one app a secondary form with a menu and a page control will flicker the menu while changing tabs. And also, when you first focus it, you will see a flashy redraw.

 It's very noticeable when dragging the form around left to right.

 Delphi tools has never done this, nor has other DEV tools for GUI building does this that I use.

Do you have Double Buffered set to true for the form?



--- Quote from: jamie on December 09, 2022, 03:45:22 am ---Apps with a Main Menu and a few items will flicker badly in some cases while moving the form around.

 Seen with the IDE and many apps generated by it.

 Is there some sort of redundant refresh being done?

--- End quote ---
can you post a very short (as simple as possible) project that exhibits the problem ?  along with whatever steps must be followed to make the menu flicker ?  it would be very nice if you could identify in which cases the menu flickers and, at least some, in which it doesn't flicker.


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