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Main menu flickers badly in IDE and apps generated by it.

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Apps with a Main Menu and a few items will flicker badly in some cases while moving the form around.

 Seen with the IDE and many apps generated by it.

 Is there some sort of redundant refresh being done?

What is flickering ?  The Main menu "button" (for lack of a better word) or the menu contents ?

I cannot move the application while menu contents is displayed so must be first choice ?

OS, widget set ?


U don't need to drop a menu. Just simply move a form around that has a list of headings

This is windows .

Moving it back to left is very noticeable and moving it to right is just random in flicker .

This problem has been there on all versions of laz since started using it back before 1.64

I only have two apps supported on Windows and neither has a conventional main menu so I cannot comment.

Strange that no one else has commented ....

Might be useful to move this thread to under a Windows heading ?


Cannot confirm any flicker on Win 11 when I drag the IDE's main form with the menu left and right with IDE (Laz/main, Laz 1.4.4).


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