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How to hide window buttons (Minimize, Maximize and Close) in a Windows app

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--- Quote from: Libra07 on December 12, 2022, 12:20:27 pm ---KodeZwerg and 440bx, thanks for your suggestions!
I replaced the commads:
 GetWindowLong ->  GetWindowLongPrt
 SetWindowLong ->  SetWindowLongPrt
It seems that everything works perfectly, the parameters were basically the same.

I see in the develiopment page there are a lot of variants
GetWindowLongPtrA function  /  GetWindowLongPtrW function
SetWindowLongPtrA function  /  SetWindowLongPtrW function

I think these 2 types are because of ANSI / Unicode.
But I can use the simple GetWindowLongPtr too. So I use now the simple GetWindowLongPtr / SetWindowLongPtr.

--- End quote ---
You also need to change its receiver to LONG_PTR (important!) and than you are good to go  O:-)
You are welcome.


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