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In a discussion yesterday, I may have got a bit excited about lack of documentation, particularly WRT to ListViewFilterEdit. So, to find out myself about this component ( and maybe demonstrate my sincerity), I have written a short Example project, possibly suited to add to Lazarus Source.

However, my 'research' did not immediately resolve all issues and I am hoping someone who has used it before may be able to help. Questions include -

[*] Is there some way define an external filter ?  One not necessarily dependent on only the data in the ListView ?

[*] Am I right in says that using ListViewFilterEdit with a ListView in Owner Data mode does not make sense ? (In fact, I wonder if the relationship between ListView and ListViewFilterEdit is Owner Data ?)

[*] The CharCase property appears, to me, to relate to making filters case sensitive or not. However, my experiments indicate that is not what it does. So, what does it do ?           

I have attached my Example Project but its not ready for prime time yet !

Edit: dsiders has far better documemtation at

It answers question 2 and 3 explicity ('Yes' and in the case of 3, 'No', use FilterOptions instead). And, by omission, answers 1.

Excellent !






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