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How to add libraries / external source files?


I should like to add the pas-files from the snyapsy-library.

But every time I get this error: Cannot find pingsend used by Unit1 of the Project Inspector.

I tried to follow this:
And tried to install via the online package manager.

Both ways failed.

So how to add external libraries (collection of pascal files) to the project or even better tot the lazarus library for future projects?


In my case, I was trying to send emails using synaser in a windows application. I was able to install laz_synaser using opm and found the necessary .dll files in the fpcupdeluxe folder.

Can you give some more details about your laz_synaser opm install?

Just to make it clear, when you install lazarus using fpcupdeluxe, it will download some dlls required by synaser, in my case: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll.

This Topic should be moved to Lazarus - beginners and can be closed.

I found the solution based on this tread:


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