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Lazarus crashing at startup

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Thank you all for the suggestions! Truly appreciated.

Had something similar happen to me. with64Bit Lazarus. Initially installed the Lazarus 64Bit and 32 bit addon and got weird corrupted loading of project files after using it a number of times. Got some error message about the config file not being correct. I am using Win 10 and AMD A9 Cpu. Ended up deleting that and installing the 32 bit version of Lazarus.

Now every so often the form does not load after clicking a project file to open in 32Bit version of Lazarus. Need to go to file and open file with pas extension every so often. I have BGRABmp installed and thought maybe the cause might be that, due to float point code having an error in one of the builds. I installed BGRABitmap using the Open Packet Manager (OPM). What is weird is that the project compiles even though the form is not loaded in the IDE.


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