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--- Quote from: Bogen85 on December 05, 2022, 03:51:06 am ---On can do NoSQL (Json records) with SQLite. (I've not tried it).

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I've stored and queried JSON with SQLite. Works fine.

I'd say the use case is when external source data to be stored in database is already JSON and there is no requirement to deconstruct said data like normalization. Otherwise when programming in OO style one will typically use an ORM to go between 'native objects' and RDBMS structures; JSON doesn't need to come into the picture.


--- Quote from: KodeZwerg on December 05, 2022, 04:03:34 am ---
--- Quote from: Bogen85 on December 05, 2022, 03:51:06 am ---SQLite does does support encryption.
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You can easy encrypt before adding to table and decrypt on getting content.
I mean, possibility exists, that I wanted to say  O:-) If it is smart or dumb is written on a different paper  ::)

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Heh, yeah, really know what Prakash's expectations are...


Seems like what is expected is some sort of "simple???" encrypted/compressed JSON "data-store" back-end... I've used "similar" in python, but won't say they are all that good... (especially compare to some proper DBMS).

I only mentioned SQLite because it seems like some "simple???" non server back-end is desired here based on what little information is provided... (yes, should not "guess"...)

@Prakash, more details are needed as to your expectations, and if you have been doing this already with some some other languages (if you are trying to match functionality).

mORMot with MongoDB?

Thanks Everyone .

We have selected sqlcipher(sqllite) for this project . It does database encryption .

We can store json inside text field .

it is having all json support  .

CREATE TABLE "users" (
   "full_name"   TEXT NOT NULL,
   "email"   TEXT NOT NULL,
   "created"   DATE NOT NULL,
   "phone"   TEXT,
   PRIMARY KEY("id")

insert into users (full_name,email,created, phone) values("packs","" ,
"01-01-2022",json('{"cell":"+491765", "home":"+498973"}'));

update users
   set phone =(select json_replace(,'$.cell',200) from users where full_name = 'packs')
   where full_name == 'packs';


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