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How migrate options to another computer?

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I have some personal options inside a VM intallation. Now I have installed another copy in a computer. Is there any easy way to migrate my options to this new computer?

copy the configuration files.


--- Quote from: Thaddy on December 02, 2022, 01:13:43 pm ---copy the configuration files.

--- End quote ---
Have you done this before? Did it work?
I examined the config files and I see hard-coded paths in some config files, e.g. "c:\documents and settings\USERNAME" instead of %userprofile%.

There is something called  "Primary config path" (PCP)

Menu: View > Ide Internals > About IDE

or on Linux ~/.lazarus

Some of the xml files may contain absolute paths. So if you have a different path on the target, those need to be updated.

You are mainly interested in the xml files.
You can check out others by content.....

I do it often, it works.

I am computer technician, fixing my client's hardware and software. Also my own computer. I regularly upgrade my computer, format/install/re-install my hard drive. Once in every 2 years, but sometimes 3 times in a year.

I backup and keep my Lazarus' config files, especially:
- editoroptions.xml
- environmentoption.xml

As Thaddy said, copy the configuration files. That should be okay. But in some rare cases, the Lazarus won't start or it can start but cannot be rebuild. That happens because the config file (packagefiles.xml if I am correct) has one or more packages that aren't installed on the newly installed Lazarus. But that wouldn't be hard to fix, because all the config files can be manually edited using a text editor.

I use Linux.


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