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DBNavigator Using BeforeAction



I want to handle nbInsert and nbDelete in a special way before standard action of DBNavigator fires. I use BeforeAction event to do so. In my Button = nbDelete  handler I process the deletion followed by Abort to tell DBNavigator not to process the delete click. No problem here.

How do I pass other  Nb-buttons in BeforeAction to be processed in normal way, eg when Button = nbPost.

My program fires Access Violation in case when Button = nbPost with my BeforePost handler in place.

Is there a Pass method or something like that, same level as Abort, that I can call when Button = nbPost to tell DBNavigator to process the Post normally and not fire Access Violation?

Any help would be most appreciated.



Without code we can not help you. Access violations are usually - well almost always - programmer error

BeforePost etc. events are of TDataSet, not navigator.


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