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Qt6 and the Save Dialog

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I am having a problem with my app with Qt6. When I 'execute' a Save Dialog, as per attached sample project, there is a delay, about 20 seconds, before I see the actual dialog. In my real app, the dialog then refuses to close but in the sample it works fine after the 20 seconds.

That 20 seconds appears to be similar to the DBUS time out ???

Anyway, very simple demo attached, single form, button that opens a Save Dialog. It has a gtk2 and Qt6 mode. I built this on a Debian Testing VM, maybe someone else can try out the project on a different platform please ?

zeljko, if someone else confirms it, do you want me to log it with GitLab Issues ?


I've spotted Open dialog problems with Qt6 - very slow etc, there's no reason that it's slow because of LCL site, there must but something else related to Qt library.

I read about the same problem in Windows (not Qt), which was described in the German forum.
Is it a coincidence that the problem occurs on different operating systems or is the cause in Laz after all?

Haven't tested windows yet

Just tested Qt6 dialogs under mac - it works without problems or lags.


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