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Is there a tutorial for bootstrapping  freepascal for a certain operating system?

Write a RTL for the new target and crosscompile basically.

Some of the tips and tricks are described in the buildfaq on the docs page.

What Marco writes is true, but an abstraction. Maybe you have a certain OS in mind?
For an experienced - with some compiler knowledge - programmer it is not that difficult, apart from work. I only struggle every time with startup code, but that might be me...., in fact I am sure its me... %) :o :( but eventually it succeeds.


--- Quote from: Thaddy on November 16, 2022, 10:47:48 am ---Maybe you have a certain OS in mind?

--- End quote ---

Unless it really is top-secret stuff I think we could usefully know, since there might be somebody aware of some obscure project (languishing in a corner of the wiki), or who has considered putting time into some target based on experience with another language or development environment.


Bootstrapping should be a common knowledge for the one that bases his entire cross-platform work on pascal (and especially on a specific version of freepascal). A pascal compiler that can't be compiled with the C compiler (freepascal killed gnu pascal).


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