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El Salvador:

@zeljko I'm porting my component ASuiteComps in QT6 (precisely global hotkey) and I am seeing that they have removed QX11Extras from QT. In QT5 I needed QX11Info_display, but now I need to use nativeInterface (and QNativeInterface) method from QGuiApplication

I saw that this code is missing in libqt6pas bindings. Is there any hope it could be added?

Yes, feel free to create patch

hmmmm.....there's warning about QNativeInterface: "Warning: There are no source or binary compatibility guarantees for the native interface APIs, meaning that an application using these interfaces is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed against."

I've added TQtWidgetSet.x11Display:PDisplay
So, no need to implement risky QNativeInterface.

El Salvador:
Hey thanks! I should have adapted the code to qt6, but I still have to figure out why the hotkeys only work in the program window and not globally.

Anyway, if I will complete it, is there any hope for including this code (see in libqt5pas & libqt6pas for Lazarus 2.4?


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