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Hi all,

Me again with one of my new projects I started making this last night while there was nothing on TV and finished it off tonight anyway this project allows you to make QR Codes out of a list of URLS. there a few options you can set in it and save your results to an image file such as PNG or JPEG, Anyway I thought I share what I have made in the hope it maybe us full for someone. Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

Nicely done. I'd suggest that a shortcut to generate the credentials that a visitor can use to logon to a WiFi network (e.g. in a cafe) would be worth doing: see etc.


LazBarcodes seems to be able do something similar?



is it possible to add a logo in the middle of the QR code?


--- Quote from: Bart on November 07, 2022, 10:08:18 pm ---LazBarcodes seems to be able do something similar?

--- End quote ---
The project of DreamVB makes use of LazBarCodes (it says so on the project page).

So it's essentially a big example project for LazBarCodes  :D


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