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Ubuntu 22.04 Forms and Lazarus IDE change the background into black (TEdit)

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I made a new Virtual Machine with Ubuntu 22.04 and installed Lazarus 2.2.4 with Free Pascal 3.2.2.
The install was without any problems. I have the issue that my created forms turn the background into black and all placed components are not shown anymore, when I place a TEdit at the form.
The same issue happens with the Lazarus IDE it self, for example the object inspector does the same.

In the 1st screenshot it shows how the Lazarus IDE looks like and a form without a TEdit.
In the 2nd screenshot it shows a form with a TEdit.

Have anyone else experienced this issue?

I'm not an Ubuntu user, but two things since nobody else has commented.

First, where did you get your Lazarus and FPC: downloads from the Lazarus/FPC repositories or via the distro?

Second, somebody else had Ubuntu problems a few days ago which were fixed by reverting to X11. "Advanced Search" is your friend.


Thx for this information Mark it helped to fix the issue. I reverted to X11 and the Lazarus-IDE bug was fixed. Only my form crashed the OS, because of a sizing error. So I created a new from from scratch and it's now working now.

I had a look in other Linux threads to install Lazarus and downloaded the pages directly from the side, after that I choose Gdebi to install the packages.
So I did the install like described in this topic,41524.0.html.

Any news on this, 2024 and this issue still persists.
Any method to fix this without having to switch to X11?
The issue also persists for apps created by Lazarus.
I assume Wayland is the default now and we just do not want to force users to reconfigure their OS because of our app?

There's no solution for gtk2 and newest wayland. Try to use Qt5 or Qt6 ide.


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