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[SOLVED] Sizing columns in DrawGrid

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Many thanks all. Presumably I have something amiss in my VBox (or Windows?) settings.

I will try to solve it this evening.

It is still a mystery. Mouse drag works fine in the Lazarus form editor. Scrollbars work.

I tried swapping mouse keys, but that just switches when I have to press the "control"/"command" button.

I am encouraged that no one reports problems in Windows, so my compiled applications should be fine for end users.

Is anyone else using a Macintosh VirtualBox host running Windows?


It has to do with VBox "Mouse Integration". I realized that every once in a while I could click on just the right place. Turning off mouse integration allows one to easily click on the column border.

I think it is due to the way VBox converts from mouse location in percent to pixels, there is some discussion here:



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