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[SOLVED] Sizing columns in DrawGrid

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I recently noticed that TDrawGrid using goColSizing works fine on Macintosh and Linux, but does not work on Windows.

An example is attached. Any comments appreciated.

Working fine for me: Win-11 Laz-main / FPC 3.2.2 / 64-bit or 32-bit.

Thanks wp. That is good to know.

It may be my ancient version of Windows (7). It is all I have at the moment to run on VirtualBox.   

This cannot be the reason for your issue. I have Win-7 in a VirtualBox, too, and your demo behaves correctly.

Thanks again wp for checking. This is odd. In general Lazarus and its compiled applications work fine on Windows 7. This is the first time I noticed something unusual.

I am working on installing Windows 11 and Lazarus on VirtualBox, but it is slow going.


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