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Hi all,

I made a new little project over the last two days that I use to store all my useful bits of code, it quite basic but does the trick, you can add languages, language categories and add code for each one. anyway, see what you think comments welcome. I designed this on Windows, so I am hoping it work on Linux to.

Hi DreamVB,

please reconsider your data storage.
At some point, the storage will contain 1000 files with just 500 bytes each. The problem is, that the file system on HDD will take a whole sector for every small file. So, 1000 small files will take 4MB of HDD space on a partition with 4kB sectors instead of the expected 0,5MB.

Go for a database, or store all your files in one ZIP file etc.

Hi guys I done a small update check it out at the link in the first post.

Thanks bobby100 for the suggestion I will look into this in future versions.

Hi all I done a new update to my project now goes to version 1.1.2

Here are some of the new and improvements and fixes. see the first post for the project page.

- Updated GUI
- Fixed a few bugs
- You can now add info to your code such as name, date, likes and set the highlighter
- Added export code to HTML in export dialog
- Added option to set editor font


Great idea.


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