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may I ship FPC with my app ?

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 ;) Only applies to GNU1...
Anyway you can distribute a program - that includes fpc itself- under some GNU license, provided you make sure that code changes are given back and provide that GNU licensed software is properly represented. Note GNU3 is even more restrictive, caused by miss-use.

It says licenses- plural- and specifically mentions v2 and v3 where relevant. And I don't believe OP's proposing any form of modification, or even to recompile the binaries himself.

I've not gone looking for older versions of that commentary, but I believe that the stricture against piping data structures backwards and forwards has been added comparatively recently.

However the bottom line is that he needs to consult a lawyer in his own jurisdiction, preferably one competent in interaction with jurisdictions where GPL-related precedent has been established.


What is the difference between an “aggregate” and other kinds of “modified versions”?

If a modified FPC distribution is provided, then all the changes for that modification would need to be provided as well.

Ability to provide mere aggregate distributions have not somehow vanished with the advent of the GPLv3.

If that were the case, many Linux distributions that provided CD/DVD images would all of a sudden have been in violation when they started to provide GPLv3'ed packages.

It would seem that this should answer most of the questions here.

I would do it simple to not need to deal with license things....
Having a Button/Menu/Whatever that jumps to FPC WebPage for letting user download in his WebBrowser his required Version.
Inside your app you need a config with a TEdit and/or a Button with a TOpen(File)Dialog to let user point to the binary after he installed it outside of your app on his machine.


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