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Sergio MT:
Dear Pascal-world colleagues,

My name is Sergio, and I am a researcher and teacher of the department of computer science in the University of Salamanca (Spain). I’m bringing you news I think you’ll like. From the University of Salamanca, we’ve been organizing a big event for the past year for the Pascal language community. The event will be held from July 3 to 7, 2023, in Salamanca, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and a UNESCO heritage site. The International Pascal Congress (IPC) will be held from July 3 to 7, 2023, in Salamanca, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and a UNESCO heritage site. The event will serve as a meeting point for all players in the software industry working with Pascal, and we’re aiming to boost the Pascal community into becoming an innovative and cutting-edge community again.

To achieve these goals, we’ll offer a variety of activities at the event so that people can get the most out of their attendance. You’ll be able to attend courses, technology presentations, and talks by keynote speakers, as well as participate in a challenge for the community. We’ll also be presenting two awards. We’ve already confirmed the attendance of several important speakers and professors who will teach courses on technologies used in the Pascal world, both Delphi and Lazarus.

For all professionals who appreciate and value the Pascal language and the tools based on it, this is a great opportunity to network, improve your skills, and learn different Pascal technologies from their creators. Your attendance will benefit not only you but also the Pascal community. The more we join, the more visibility and strength our community will have.
Regarding the price, we can tell you it’ll be quite cheap, only 295 euros (without accommodation and travel). We’re keeping the price low because we’re trying to bring together and strengthen the Pascal community and address the challenges we face together. To facilitate accommodation, we’re negotiating with hotels in the city to offer great accommodation at a good price. So if you don’t know where to go on vacation next summer, the IPC 2023 is a great option. Salamanca is a beautiful city with lots of sunshine, and you’ll be able to spend time with colleagues from the Pascal world and have a fantastic week learning and perfecting your knowledge about Pascal technologies. You can come alone or with your family, as Salamanca is a touristic city that will keep your family entertained while you enjoy the congress (we will propose some activities for your family).

More news will be coming soon 😊

Salamanca and Pascal instead of Mallorca and Bierkönig, that's worth considering!  ;)

Salamanca has also its place in history.
I think I will give myself a present, since by then I am an - I am already - official Pensionado.. Maybe looking for a house too...


National Ratcatcher's day is July 22nd.
I might nip over to Hamelin for that week. I'll need to look after any euros I have (pensioner), so I'll have to pass on the pascal invite.


--- Quote from: Sergio MT on October 23, 2022, 06:04:46 pm ---From the University of Salamanca,

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Wow, Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad has his own uni! You guys must have loved the character! ;)


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