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How are cookies share WebView, WKWebview, NSURLConnection


I have a crawler.

To login I have/intend user to login through an embedded browser. (WebView/WKWebView depending on IS)

The actual crawl may be used using NSURLConnection or WebView/WKWebView


--- Quote ---In iOS if you are using NSUrlSession, your cookies are shared automatically with the UIWebView/WKWebView and NSUrlSession.

To access the Cookie Container, you just need to call upon NSHttpCookieStorage.SharedStorage.Cookies.

--- End quote ---

So can anyone point me to some official documentation (somehow hard to find using Google) what combos of cookies are shared on MacOS/OSX?

OR how I would be go around copy cookies :)

Before OS X 10.11, cookies were shared. Since OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12 they are no longer shared.



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