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How many posts to message someone

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Hello everybody,

anyone can stat me how many posts one must have addressed to be able to send someone a message?


Nope. If you ask that as your first question without having engaged with the community in some useful way you'll simply get blocked as a spammer.


Just confirming what MarkMLI wrote.

Additionally, it's not that easy. Moderators are monitoring new users.
And we have tools in place allowing Moderators to individually allow or deny "advanced features".

I think in fairness I have to say (and I hope the admins/mods are OK with this) that if you could demonstrate that you were e.g. a longstanding participant in the mailing lists or one of the classic conferencing systems (CIX etc.) everybody would be much more friendly :-)


Perfekt, I just want to get in contact with a memeber in the jobs subforum...

Anyway I understand todays carefullness. But this is a standoff.

However you can google for ISBN: 9783639314540 - you will see my licentiate degree - I wrote this 2009 in Lazarus...

But of course now there is no way to prove who I am - and at the moment I don't have an actual project running...

So shall I post just some dump postings to get on count?



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