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Phasing out support for the Carbon widgetset


Since Lazarus 2.2.0 the Cocoa widget set has replaced the Carbon widgetset as default widgetset on MacOS.
Apple has officially removed Carbon from macOS since 2019.
The Lazarus team has decided to minimize the effort to support the Carbon widget set, so we can focus on stabilizing more used widgetsets.

We want to review all open bug reports for Carbon.
If the issue is also present when using the Cocoa widget set, the issue will be marked as such.
If it is not present with Cocoa the issue will be resolved with resolution "suspended".
Patches to fix such issues are still welcome, but new bug reports for the Carbon widget set are only accepted, if they contain a patch to fix it.

Help from the community with cleaning up the bug tracker is appreciated. If you test a Carbon issue with Cocoa, please leave your findings as a note in the bugtracker.

The Lazarus developers will try not to break the current Carbon widget set, but will not actively develop new features for it.

That seems sensible, you would be hard pressed to find a Mac today that does not support (or require) Cocoa.

The Carbon widgetset hung on as long as it could, and I began to get very nervous about the transition. Thankfully Laz devs stepped up the work on Cocoa, which is now very stable.

Thanks to them, and also the work on Free Pascal support for the new M1 chip. Much appreciated.


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