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I’ve searched the forum for code for a simple audio tone generator but came up blank. My need is for a cross platform solution which allows generations of tones of specific frequency. I want to use it for subject testing of audio discrimination between two presented pure tones. Ie, are these the same or different. So ideally I need to specify duration as well. I only need to present a single tone at a time. So no complex mixing.

It’s one of a battery of tests. All the others are easy to code; well spaghetti code in my case.

I need it to be cross platform as I want it to be under public domain licence once complete with anyone able to use and access the testing battery. So Windows, macOS and Linux releases.

I’d even be happy to load a pure tone  .wav file and do frequency shifts if that’s easier.

Thanks in advance

Maybe Uos?

--- Quote ---Produce sound with built-in synthesizer.
--- End quote ---


Fred vS:

--- Quote from: Bart on October 09, 2022, 11:18:22 pm ---Maybe Uos?

--- Quote ---Produce sound with built-in synthesizer.
--- End quote ---


--- End quote ---



Yes I had read about this but it seemed like a very complex solution.

I was after a KISS solution.

But probably not possible. lol

In windows its a simple matter of using the PlaySound function where you can specify a WAV file or just a tone.

but in other OSes, I don't see that simple option however, I do See the ACS package claims to be cross platform
and its graphical with loads of goodies.

  Using lazarus you should be able to use the Online package tool to download and install it.



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