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Delphi Frame which should behave like a html Frame


There is a base selection in my software.
This selection is done by a RadioGroup.

So: Where to put this Radio group?

For this you must know, how my interface looks alike: There is a page control and on the tabsheets of this page controls are frames which are created by the main-unit. So imagine Frame1 created on TabSheet1 and so on.

Of this 15 tabsheets there is the necessity for about 4 of them to use this RadioGroup selection. It would be nice to have them all in sync.

So my question: Is it possible to put my RadioGroup on ONE Frame which is displayed 4 times and addressed in the same way be each view?

Or must I have 4 different RadioGroups and add them to each (framed) Tabsheet?

You might be able to change parent on the fly as tabs are switched. But a preferable solution would be a common panel off the tabbed area with content that was hidden or made visible as required, since it would make clear to the user that it was semi-constant.

Incidentally, what version of Lazarus/FPC are you running?



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